Season One Recap

        Season Two of ToS is right around the corner but before we get there we wanted to give everyone a brief refresher on what happened last time at Sanctuary (Or you can just re-read everything again) 

                                               Spoilers (Obviously)

  Chapter One (The Raddest Gift): Coco leads a group of dogs to save Rad, a puppy who was discovered in the Place Beyond the Shed. During their rescue, they discover the cats have captured Rad to give to their, "Owner" whoever that may be. 

  Chapter Two (Puppy Training): Charles is convinced by Bella to take his class of pups, consisting of Rad, Ella, and Denali, into the Place Beyond the Shed to get their feet wet. During the class, Charles notices Bella and Rad are no longer with the group. Charles and the class track the other two dogs and find them sitting by a pond where the group encounters the Dark Sentinel for the first time since his sealing over 100 years ago.

  Chapter Three (The Long Walk Home): Sentinel Eleven Takes Cody down the final walkway.

  Chapter Four (Signs and Shadows): Bailey and Strider venture to the Place beyond the Shed to acquire a flower which will help in healing Bella, who was hurt in the first encounter with the Dark Sentinel back in Chapter two. Bailey and Strider were trapped and nearly killed by Troy, a minion of the Dark Sentinel but are saved by Jenna, one of the founders of Sanctuary and a chosen of the Oak. Bailey and Strider are sent back to Sanctuary with a warning to stop the Great Race from happening.

  Chapter Five (The Great Race): Bailey and Strider successfully shut down the Great Race only to have Hojan and his band of merry pups attempt the Race anyway. Hojan, Kalani,  and Thomas set out to find Howell, the firekeeper and blind raccoon. Kalani is chosen by the fire to hold it on the journey and the group sets out to the Elm to lock the Dark Sentinel away. The meet Rad on the way there who also escaped from Sanctuary to help but it's a trap! The Dark Sentinel is waiting for the group at the Elm and Rad led them right to him! The Dark Sentinel scatters the group, killing Thomas in the process. Hojan and Kalani meet back at Howell's and Hojan ends up running off towards the Scorching Desert while Kalani heads back to Sanctuary where she is confronted by Bailey

  Chapter Six (The Dark Sentinel): Storm runs from her Sanctuary which the Dark Sentinel has just destroyed, her council has given her the task to find Rad and convince them to help fight against the Dark Sentinel. An image of Rad keeps appearing and leading Storm all around Sanctuary until finally, Hank, another founder of Sanctuary helps Storm find Rad's body in the pond she was born in. Hank affirms the council's mission to Storm then races off to help Sanctuary before the Dark Sentinel gets there. Storm goes to the pond to find Troy sitting on one side of the pond a pool of black water surrounding him while Storm goes to sit on the other side of the pond. The two foes battle for Rad's body and eventually Storm wins as a new song is introduced to her, the song of the future. Troy is nowhere to be found. Together Rad and Storm race to Sanctuary and confront the Dark Sentinel. The Battle of and eventual Fall of Sanctuary ensues as most of the dogs of Sanctuary are vanquished by the Dark Sentinel. The few dogs left standing say goodbye to their beloved Sanctuary and head through the Shed one last time to begin new lives near the Oak.


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